Saturday, December 29, 2007

wading back in

Christmas Morning started exactly the way it has for years, with the kids searching for the baby Jesus, who is hidden nearby. We always look for Him and make sure He's in His place in the Nativity before we start Christmas Morning PRESENTS! It keeps us focused on Him, in a time when He could easily otherwise get forgotten. My kids were wonderful. They were grateful and cute and just delightful. It was a glorious, beautiful morning.... in fact, we had such a great time that I really didn't take many pictures! Here a few shots of the kids opening up their favorite gifts... including the fedora that hasn't come off yet, the rollerblades & helmets, and sewing machines. i was impressed with how the kids really took their time, enjoying each part of the day. At this point, they hadn't even seen the garage of fun! More on that soon... but for now, I just need a little more time to *sigh* enjoy this family time we have together and to *bleck* clean up my pigpen home. I hope you are all enjoying the downtime... see you soon!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34


Gretchen said...

Awesome pictures. I love the hat! I'm with you--not much time to blog, but it's fun to check in with folks. I suppose I'll post tomorrow. :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Great idea about hiding the baby Jesus. I'll have to do that one next year. :)


Becky said...

Great Fedora!

That is a wonderful tradition that I'll have to remember to implement next year!

Happy Sunday!

Jenster said...

I LOVE that tradition and wish I would have thought of it 15 years ago or so!!

Everything goes back to normal in just a few days. While I love normal, I'm not quite ready for it yet. Still have a lot more "Apples to Apples" to play! :o)

PJ said...

Love the fedora. And I'm still waiting to see/hear about this garage transformation!!!

I like the idea of checking on baby Jesus. That would give our little one (who can't sit still one minute) something to do periodically. "Go check on Baby Jesus!!)

Mommakitten said...

i am just passing through but I wanted to say that hiding baby Jesus and then looking for him CHRISTmas morning is such a great idea! What a wonderful way to keep the kids focused on the true day at hand.

Momma Kitten

Mama P said...

Never heard of the hiding Jesus either, but it's a great idea and tradition. It reminds me of my family's tradition at Passover of hiding the matzoh. (Not my immediate family, but my sisters' kids and cousins. Dad was Jewish.)

Your girls are darling.

And your son? Such a stud.

Shauna said...

I like that tradition. We spent Christmas morning with my inlaws as well as my BIL and his wife and three kids. There was a total of 6 kids ages 5 and under and 6 adults. Chaos reigned. Holding onto my sanity was hard enough. My kids were delightful and well behaved though. And that's all I'm saying about that.

I think I'll need to remember this tradition for next year so as not to let our focus slip from what's really important.

Ann said...

Finding baby Jesus is an excellent idea!

Ah, don't worry about the house. Just enjoy that time with your family :)

Jenn said...

Today I am packing up all the Christmas stuff - I hate to see it go. I have really enjoyed my down time with my family - it has been fun stepping away from my responsibilities for a while.
Sounds like an amazing Christmas morning - so peaceful. I love hearing that when they get older they take time to "soak it all in". By the way love the Fedora - very cool!