Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday... Discovering Sun-In

(no words, just laughter and mocking... bah hahahahhaha! will the garage treasures never end?)

Commit everything you do to the Lord.
Trust him, and he will help you.
He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn,
and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.
Psalm 37:5-6


Mama P said...

Too bad you didn't know the Lord in college. You could have trusted your fashion choices to him. Then again, the shoes we see Jesus in aren't exactly MTV House of Style winners either. You and Jesus would have been GOOD friends back in the day.

Jenster said...

Perris High School!?!?!?

The worst trouble I ever got into in my life was at Lake Perris!!

Sing4joy said...

Sorry to hear that Jenster's option for naughtiness was Lake Perris. LOL. Such a small world. We may need a whole new blog called Perris Pity Party... Sadly, I never got the sun-in. Pity me. Okay, don't pity me - - I've accepted Jesus.

Jenster said...

Yes, well. To make matters worse (and so totally humiliating) it was during a church-wide camp out that my father had organized!

His Girl said...

Alright, Jenster, now you have to spill the story!!! Don't leave us hanging!

Mama P said...

The wood stairs are original, as are our floors. They are all from 1958 and could desperately use a buffer.

This all said, I love the wood. It's super easy to clean (wood cleaner, wet mop wrung out, you're done). Swiffers are great for quick pick ups.

The negative: they can be slippery with socks, so no major running. Not so great with wee little ones, but shockingly, we had no accidents as I put gates up. Socks with rubber bottoms, or you can buy runners for a few hundred dollars that go up the wood stairs, too.

I like the openness of them.

And they're great for throw up or pee pee accidents. Wipe down - done!


PJ said...

Sun-in!! I bleached my hair white with that stuff and had to re-dye it it's natural auburn, unnaturally!!

Jenster said...

Me and my big mouth. Or me and my too-fast fingers, as the case may be.

Fine. I will post about the worst trouble I ever got in JUST FOR YOU AND SING4JOY!

Jenn said...

I used sun-in a couple of summers while laying out - I so wanted to be a blonde. But as you can tell with my dark hair, it only turned red!

Becky said...

NOOOOOO way. All the love letters I ever mailed my hubby during our college summers apart were mailed to Perris! He attended Temple Christian just a block down the road from that high school! We know TONS of people from Perris, including his sister who still lives there.

His Girl said...

*nods* yes, I know all about Temple Christian school. What year did your hubby graduate?

btw, still waiting for Jenster's story!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Quite a reunion going on in the comment section! I did not attend anything in Perris, nor did I mail any letters there. As a matter of fact, I don't know where it is. I remember good ol' Sun-In. I don't think I ever tried it though.

Becky said...

'87. He was on the football team there, and hung around with a couple of guys named Don and Eric.

His Girl said...

sing4joy & I are the class of '90 perris... but maybe your husband remembers a music teacher named Mr.Oliver? He's a friend I just met this year.
Also went to that church (temple) a few times(by the way, whenever the question is "why did you do that?" and it's about something I did as a teen, it is ALWAYS answered, "because of a boy")and youth group, so maybe we crossed paths once or twice!

cool small, small world we live in, no?

Alana said...

I used I know. And when my Mom asked me if I had done anything to my hair, I INSISTED that I did not.

I sure hope she never read this.

Our little secret, K?

Jenster said...

It's going to have to wait until after the holiday crush. It's not a quick "I stole a pack of gum from the bait shop", type of story. Which I didn't. Though I probably wouldn't have gotten in as much trouble.

Incredible about Becky's husband and all. Small world!