Monday, March 17, 2008


You should probably know that I have a serious mommy deficiency. I don't get homesick. Like, ever? Okay, once. In my entire life!

I don't normally even miss my kids, my hubby, or my pets until I am nearly home on the last day of a vacation. I often worry that something is wrong with me. I love my home and my family- but quality time is not really my love language, and so I can go long periods of time away from home. Go ahead & judge me, I think I'm broken, too.

My hubby on the other hand, is a quality time guy. He hates when I'm gone, and only behaves well because he understands my need to get away and how much better of a person I am when I return. He doesn't have my wanderlust, and is content to stay home or vacation with the family, so he doesn't take off that often.

HOWEVER, because he just finished his degree last week (WHAHOOO- more on that soon!) and because his friend Doug is looking into doing more photography professionally, they took off for a weekend in Nevada to go to a photography expo thingie in Vegas and also to explore the Hoover Dam & some of the NV scenery. They totally deserve to go, and I am really quite glad they took just a little time for themselves.

Here's the thing, the kids and I have been 'Daddyless' for three days now. I have discovered something. WE NEED DADDY!!! So far, we have forgotten to eat, to go to bed on time, and to do most household chores. We've been living like frat boys, on chips and 3 hours of sleep, leaving our junk all over the house like some sort of bachelor pad. It's just pathetic. We can't be trusted on our own. I haven't even felt very bloggy. Who knew I'd take it so hard?

He estimates he'll be home by midnight tonight... which is about an hour and a half from now. No, an hour and 26 minutes... oh my golly I miss that man...An hour and 24 minutes now.....

It strikes me that I should be looking forward to Jesus' next coming like this. I've been tidying up, watching the door, making sure the kids are clean and ready for his return. Jason's homecoming is woven into every thought, every action. I'm homesick for my husband because my heart has made a home with him. How much more homesick should I be for heaven and my Savior? I should be preparing for Him, making sure the kids are ready, watching the door, listening for the trump. I need to make sure my heart thinks of heaven as my home, where He has been preparing a place for me. Just thinking of it like that makes me excited about it even now!

One hour, 18 minutes....

Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning,
as though you were waiting for your master to return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. The servants who are ready and waiting for his return will be rewarded. I tell you the truth, he himself will seat them, put on an apron, and serve them as they sit and eat!
Luke 12:35-37


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, good thoughts here. I can totally relate to this as work takes my hubby away and we eagerly await his homecoming. What a great picture to relate that to Christ's coming!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I, too, love how you related this to Jesus' return. I should feel the same way.

We are a lot alike, my friend. I don't necessarily miss my folks, either. I think it's because I don't get much time alone, and savor it when I do.

Tracy said...

Great post! I've never thought of it that way!

mer said...

That is such a great way to look at Jesus' return, and even a good way to look towards Easter Sunday.

I never got homesick until I had my own little family, and now it is so hard for me to leave them. It's necessary to get away alone sometimes, but the homecoming is all the more sweet now!

Blessings on your day!!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Beautifully written!! LOVED it.

Alana said...

I love this post. I love how you tied all that in to our wait for the Savior.

Hope you are enjoying the return of your hubby now!

God's Guitar Girl said...

Interesting topic. I have to say, had a military spouse been posting this, she would've also mentioned shaving her legs in preparation for her man to come home, which is typically NOT something I would think to do to prepare for Jesus, haha... ;)

Gretchen said...

Wow, what a powerful post--very cool analogy. I'm into analogies.

Veeeeerrry cute picture of the 2 of you, BTW.

I'm sure Jason was all but mauled upon his arrival. May we do the same for Jesus.


truth said...

I think it is easier for the person who is off on an adventure to not miss the ones left behind quite so much. But the ones left behind notice the absence of one who belongs there.

It's easy for us to forget that our time in this life is something like a trip we've taken. I'm so glad God hasn't forgotten we aren't home yet, and is preparing for us to come home.

Jenn said...

What a great picture of the two of you!

I enjoy my time away, but I have to admit that I enjoy it more if Jeremy is with me. I do not miss the kids, (what does that say about me??) but when I return I feel like am a better mom.

You have such a gift of sharing life situations and turning them into a devtional that makes your readers thoughts turn toward Christ. Maybe you should write a devotinal book for Moms?

I hope Jason had a great time with his buddy.

The Daily "B" said...

What a great post. You got me thinking... How easy it is to forget to look up, it won't be long... =)

Becky said...

I'm with Jenn...many of your blog postings are like devotionals. You could put them in a book!

I'm sure your hubby was delighted with his homecoming. Sometimes it's good for dads to get away like that to know how much they are appreciated. ;)

Loved the picture of the two of you, btw!

Leigh said...

My husband has to go away for a week in June and I'm already dreading it. We don't do well without Daddy either! I love how you related it to Jesus's return, though...I am a prophesy nut, so I think about this a lot. :o)

Angie said...

I loved that! All of it...from the downright Jesus! Awesomeness of love...sweetness of discovery that we "need 'em" 'em and don't wanna be w/o them!"
Thank you for your sweet comment on my LWG post! Raising kids is tough...if I had to do it without Jesus in control...I think I'd be raving mad. He keeps me in the palm of His hand....and now we see the delight of grandchildren!!!

lovemyraysons said...

Yay, I get to see a photo of you. Somehow I've missed that along my journey here. Bet if I look back I can find one?!

Loved your post about the homecoming. We are the BRIDE in a lot of ways huh? Thanks for reminding me that my desire and longing for Home is good, but I need to get things ready around witnessing.

Glad your lovie dovie's home!

Ann said...

I''m the same way! from the wanderlust right down to the fact that when my husband travels for his work, I don't do squat around the house and the kids' bedtime routines are all messed up.

Tina said...

That is a great post.

Very well written.

PJ said...

I can soooo relate. I have the wanderlust...and for the last several years my husband has recognized this and encourages me to get away. On the other hand...I am AWFUL if he is gone. If I were ever alone for long periods of time, a health officer would probably condemn the house.

Your analogy is so appropriate. Would that we waited for Christ like the anxious bride for her husband!


emily said...

I love the fact that you live like frat boys when he's gone. And just for your amusement, I just accidently typed "fart boys".

Shauna said...

*sniff, sniff* Completely understand. My hubby went away for work for 4 days. WE MISSED HIM! The boys needed their dad, I needed him. *sigh* Isn't it great when they finally come home. ;-)

Beck said...

Oh, lovely.
I just realized that quality time IS my love language - I get quite desperate away from the people I love, which I don't think is quite HEALTHY.

Sing4joy said...

Wow! Exceptional post! What a gracious God that He used such a loving way to remind you to keep your eyes turned heavenly. Would that I also would have that kind of anticipation in my heart for Jesus' return. Also a gentle reminder that we cannot rely on people or things to make us happy. True happiness can only come from the Lord.

Vindiciti said...

Dear A,
Hello. I'm a friend of your cousin's (PWOC), and I found your site a while back through her. This post truly touched me, and made me think about how this relates extremely well to military spouses whose husbands deploy all the time.

I had a devotional today for the PWOC board, and God had laid it on my heart to use the idea of my husband returning for R&R compared to Jesus' return. I know the idea was from you, and I don't think I realized until Judi walked up to me after class and said 'Gee, thanks. -insert sarcasm here- You took my devotional. I'm reading my cousin's blog (with permission) as my devotional when I have it this month.'

Well, I feel like a heel, because I didn't really realize where I got the idea from because I read so many blogs and watch so many YouTube and GodTube things, I just knew the concept came from the internet someplace. Luckily the devotional was only for the board, not PWOC as a whole.

I hope that you are alright with me writing a devotional based on a concept conceived from you. I hope that Judi's devotional will have the impact that I feel my devotional had (on everyone but our poor, sick, sulky Judi) on the board. At least half of us never get to hear the devotionals in the morning, anyway, especially me.

I am posting my devotional on my blog, and if you would like to read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If this bothers you in some way, please let me know and I'll take it down.

Thank you for your time, energy, and wonderful gift of writing. God bless you.