Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trusting and Obeying part 2

Alrighty, where was I? Oh yes, I was at the part where God told me to trust and obey. So, the next thing I did was start trusting and obeying and we all lived happily ever after. amen.

Not falling for that, huh? Maybe you readers know me a little too well. In any case, it was just as you thought. I did not exactly start trusting and obeying right away. What I did do is start a habit of praying for my husband every day. Every.single.day. And then I waited. Pretty soon my prayers started to change. I stopped praying that God would make my hubby into a great leader, and started praying that He would prepare me to be a great follower. And then I waited.

One day, my hubby said out loud for about the billionth time, "I really should go ahead and get my Bachelor's degree. I'm never going to get ahead in this field unless I bite the bullet and get moving." Before this conversation with God, my usual answer would vary from, "Where on earth are we going to get the money to PAY for this?" to "Someday we should pick someplace and just do it." I was just about to open my mouth to say some variance of these things when I remembered my prayers. Instead of the usual, I just said... "Whatever school you choose, I know God will find a way to pay for it. If you're ready, you have my 100% support." Imagine my shock when he said, "You know, I think I'm going to do that!"

Then I gritted my teeth. I knew very well that following the lead of my husband did not include picking a college for him, getting student loan on his behalf, and then filling out his registration papers. I also told myself that we would be proving God wrong on this one, cause there was no way on earth my hubby would do this on his own. Not that he isn't capable, he's a very very smart guy, I just didn't think he'd self-motivate. I figured that's what he had me for.... right?

Nope. That man went out that week, applied for the college, registered, and secured the loans. He was ready to go within 7 days. Gulp! He IS ABSOLUTELY able to do these things without me! I went to the Lord humbly the next morning in prayer....

"Father, I know that You only want good things for me, so I know that because you want me to follow my husband, it's for my own good. I know that You will make sure he will lead us to somewhere spectacular, far beyond what I could ever think or imagine. I saw what you did with the little bit of trust I gave to you and to Jason. I want to see more. I know I can't unless I am willing to hand over the reins.... so, I'm ready to do this. *deep breath*

Lord, I hand over our entire future to You. I ask that You whisper Your plans to Jason about what you want us to do after he graduates in 2 years. Whisper just loud enough so he can hear, but not so I can hear. I am willing, Lord, to follow Jason and trust that he's following You- and I'm willing to do it without knowing or interfering. I give you permission to do whatever You will with our lives. Call us to stay here, and I will stay happily. Move us anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, and I will follow. I will not question my husband or You. I will go where you send me. I know you have a vision for Jason, and that he doesn't need me to tell him what it is. I know that You can do so much more when I am not in the way. I want to follow, Daddy. I want to trust and obey with such blind faith that You alone get the glory. I will follow no matter what the path."

can you guess what happened next? stay tuned.

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
Psalm 16:11


BlessedMama said...

That was big, Big, BIG!!!! Wow, print that prayer out and put it in your Bible and in your nightstand, and maybe even in your wallet. Good for you and God will bless you! Thanks for the great example!!!

DidiLyn said...

He is the Vine, and we are just branches, right.
Loved this. Waiting for the rest.

Earen said...

Oh, you just love making us wait with suspense!

Gretchen said...

This is just about 100% perfect in every way. Really spoke to me. And yesterday's post was good for my friend and I to ponder as we walked this a.m. (too early--5:45--I'm surprised we could think ;) ).

You da woman. xxxooogretchen

Becky said...

Beautiful! We've had some of the exact same things going on in our life. It's just so much easier for the Lord to do HIS work without us getting underfoot, isn't it, lol?

Another cliffhanger?! Auuuugh!

(Guess patience is an area I need ot work on, too.)

care-in said...

Ouch!! You fill out paperwork for your hubby too? I am anxiously waiting the third part!

PJ said...

I love the story! Can't wait for the next edition!!!

Sheryl said...

Everybody else is getting all this spiritual material and I'm still thinkin' "quit leaving me hanging". I guess I'll come back and find out what happens. But I can't promise.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I am loving these posts! Great reminder to pray for our husbands, but not still try to change them with our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Well, since reading 'part 1' and commenting on why I couldn't possibly join you in this, I prayed about it and lo and behold I felt the need to share with my husband what you were going through and how perhaps I should consider this too.
Well, not being a Christian he found the whole of concept of him leading our family totally baffling!! But I was able to talk to him about what the Bible says about our roles within marriage(and ofcourse I stressed the bit about his responsibilities towards me, so that he didn't get the impression this was gonna be a one way street!!!) I explained that the Bible says this because the husband is expected to seek God in all their decisions and lead the family according to the Bible. He replied that he didn't know a whole lot about the Bible so I was able to run over a few points and suddenly realised I was witnessing through this!!!
So we have decided to give it a go and have him lead and I have decided to pray for him everyday, not just that he has a dramatic conversion but that he sees the Lord's plan for our lives through this change.
So thanks for sharing your story.
p.s. sorry about the 'anon' post but my blog is attached to work so I don't want the 'personal' stuff to trace back. x

Anonymous said...

Oh and forgot to say I am not really on here at 5.30 in the morning I am in the UK!!!!

Sing4joy said...

STAY TUNED???!?!?!!?!?!!! YOU HATER!!!!!!

Tina said...

it's getting better all the time... awesome testimony.

truth said...

Loving this story.

Jenn said...

So glad I do not have to wait for part 3! :o)
Wow - thanks for your example. I am going to borrow this prayer. I loved the part "just whisper loud enough for Jason to hear". The worrier in me would want to eavesdrop a bit.

I was also challenged by the I will go anywhere part. I am not sure I can say that right now. Oh how I want to get to that point.

Thanks my friend.