Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hope of New Hair

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.
Matthew 10:30

I'm a little weird about my hair. I like to really mix it up, changing it like Pretty Cut and Grow Barbie as often I can. Sadly, this is an expensive habit in my world-and the worst part is I couldn't even care less. This is when my big selfish streak comes out. In our current state of budget cuts here in the His Girl home, I am willing to discuss getting less food, using less electricity, and taking shorter showers, but I am just not even willing to entertain the idea of cutting loose Tia the Wondergirl. Lucky for my husband, he thinks she's worth it too- or at least he thinks my pure joy upon returning from a visit to her chair is worth it anyway. If only you knew how often I want to go but don't- you'd be proud of me!

I have talked about Tia the Wondergirl before, my little ballroom-dancing-cutiepie-young-enough-to-be-my-daughter-sometimes-hot-pink-sometimes-electric- blue-haired-rockin' hairdresser who does nothing short of miracles every time I visit. I'm not sure, though, that I mentioned she also is the best shampoo-er in the free world. Last time she was massaging my scalp and my neck, I seriously almost purred. She's amazing.

Tomorrow, I take a break from all the VBS prepwork (which is going amazingly, thanks!) to go and indulge in a shampoo, cut, and color. I really need to do something, the grey is poking through, and it's looking a little scroungy. Can't have that. I'm thinking about going blonder, and I'm trying to grow my hair out a little longer, but other than that, I'll just let Tia do her magic. I'll keep ya'll posted.

What's your little/big indulgence? The thing you do just for you? I'd love to know!


Suzanne said...

I'm kinda like you in the "change it like Pretty Cut and Grow Barbie as often as I can" least that's the way I want to be. I can't stand to keep my hair one way for too long. I'm not as good about letting myself indulge in that though. I tend to wait too long to take care of myself. This reminds me though, that I need to schedule a hair appointment myself.

Can't wait to see your new hair!

Beck said...

I'm sadly in need of a haircut right now....
My indulgence? Magazines. Love them.

DidiLyn said...

My mouth fell open as I read this. Our budget cuts CANNOT include the HAIRCUTS (weave,color,trim,shampoo,what-have-you)
Don't I sound like Paris Lohen Spears?
But I have waited between visits to the salon and now I am actually scared to be seen in public. The is so atrocious. So tomorrow is My Big Day,too. My head and neck will be massaged, my hair will be blond again. All will be right with my world. (yes, I am just that shallow.)
Have fun tomorrow!

chickadee said...

love all the hair shots. i need a change right now.

Vindiciti said...

I'm the opposite of you where hair is concerned. I don't know what to do with it, so I don't do anything with it. I'm terrified of changing it, because the few times I have, I hated it. I don't color because my (younger than me and my little brother) husband likes my color and I haven't found any way to match my brown-not-black-but-almost-with-red-hilights
hair color.

My indulgence? Shoes. No, it isn't clothes. It very well may soon be bras, as I'm finally small enough to shop at Victoria's Secret and get good ones! YAY! No, I think it will still be shoes. People can't tell me how cute my bra least until after my husband returns home from deployment, anyway. ;)

care-in said...

My indulgence? Iced Chai from Starbucks. It's so bad that even my daughter knows what I order and it's called "the iced chai place". Is that sad?

Becky said...

Well, recently it was the hair...but more often, it's the A.C. I don't "Do" heat well at all. I get horribly cranky and SO not fun to live with. I'll eat lentils and rice, and limit my car trips all to one, well-planned-out errand day...but I can't give up my A.C.

Oh, and I suppose timewise, there is this little thing called blogging.

Becky said...

P.S. Love the hair've got the perfect face shape and smile to carry off all of them.


Jenn said...

Fun hair pics- loved seeing all your different looks!

My indulgence is my hair as well. I love my hair guy - at his salon there is this amazing guy and his only job is shampooing - best thing ever! I am going next week before vacation. I have never colored my hair but it is time - the grays are a showin! I think I will wait till my Sept/Oct appointment to start the high maintance (or so I hear)highlighting process.

Have fun tomorrow! Make sure you take a pic of the new do.

bcolmer said...

Hey. I like thoe shot of your hair at my wedding hte there you have my 2 cents worth.

I wish I was brave enough and rich enough to dothe hiar change thing, but as we have discussed in the past - I have made peace with my gray and I am letting it all hang out. Although - I have to admit I have been tempted lately. I look
at my lil guy's hair, which is a color not so far from my now-showing natural color, and I think -hmmm - could I do that with some Miss Clairol? But I fear the maintenace and the horror if I goof it up. So i hav not been brave enough to do it yet.

My second favorite of your hairdoos is the one you used to have as your blog pic - the chunky, multicolored, rockstar bob where you are holding your camera. I must say the flippy do is not one of my faves on you. Again - my 2 cents worth. And, yes, with all the 2 cents worth I have given you about how you look in my life - you should be very wealthy by now. HA. Anyway - I CANT WAIT to see how you look tomorrow!


Oh - I indulge in Starbuck's too. Grande Skinny Caramel Latte. $3.55 a pop. I also indulged in getting a manicure and pedicure today - 42$ Excuse me. But I now have very pretty toes. =-)

Scrapper Mom said...

The hair shots were great! I'm not one "change" my hair very often, but that was great.

My indulgence? I love to get a peticures, and I love it when I am able to visit my local scrapbook store "alone" with nothing pressing me for time.

Fran said...

Tammy is my hair wizard and I do believe she could hang with Tia any day of the week! :)

She is my indulgence too. I wish she could do my hair every day for me. Now, that would be nice.

Enjoy the shampoo today and I dare you to let out a true purr.


PJ said...

I get my nails done and a pedicure...every three (or four) weeks. Even if I have to mortgage one of the kids!!!

Sing4joy said...

BeFri wedding hair is my favorite! (With the exception of today's of course!)qk

Gretchen said...

Definitely the hair. I spend about $130 every 3 months, which is for cut, hi/lo light and shampoo, and style. Niki gives such a great shampoo, it's nearly meditative.

yeah, it's expensive.

I also love magazines, but I don't usually buy them. u.s.u.a.l.l.y. ;)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My hair is my biggest indulgence too. About $100 every 2.5-3 months. It's totally worth it too.

Gotta GROW with it said...

you always have such great hair...mine is green w/ envy! ha ha!