Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to... Buttons and Signatures

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.
Hebrews 6:19

Hello, Friends!
Today has been a wonderful day! I woke up after a long, restful night to a cool house and a great feeling in my heart. My time with Jesus in the morning was relaxed and rich, and I was able to get the girls up and out the door with time to spare. It was lovely. It's been a while since I can remember waking up cool and happy, but aaaaah the mere hope of the Air Conditioner Man HERO coming tomorrow has lifted my spirit even before it even has come to pass.

That brings to mind the spiritual equivalent to the hope of escaping this heat. Isn't that the best part of being a Christian? That
hope that is weaved into every trial? The knowing that through rough times, He is with us, and we in fact are tethered to His side? The realization that Ultimately, this heat will not destroy us, this trial will not defeat us- because our eternal fate has been bought, paid for, and sealed? I love that we can hold tight to hope that anchors us to Christ. And we can rejoice even in the midst of the heat, because we know the end is certain and safe, and beautiful. It's fabulous. Just fabulous. *sigh*

Well, now that I'm rested, I'm ready to pick up with the how-to series*, answering two more questions that have popped up lately:

How did you make that cool signature on your blog?

Answer: I cheated. I went to and followed the simple steps. Then, I took the code generated from the site (by copying it from the "use sigs" section) and put it on my blog template. For Blogger users, that's here (click to enlarge):
Go into "settings" then "formatting" -then paste the code after scrolling down to here in the "post template" area:

and then save your settings, of course. Ta-Dah! You did it!!!

Question: How do you make banners and "buttons?"
I cheat. I use my favorite Microsoft Program, Publisher. I realize it is not as fancy as Adobe, and has many many shortcomings, but it's the program I know really, really well, so that's what I use. And I love it. Here's a step-by step tutorial on how I made this header, that appeared earlier this week: 1. It is 3 am. My son wakes up with a migrane. The house is so hot, I go downstairs to lay on the couch until he is all the way asleep. It occurs to me that I could check my email while I am up 'to help me get drowsy while I'm waiting.' famous last words.

2. While on the computer, what should I do next, but check my blog? I decide that I hate the design of its summer format, it's squished and hard to read. So, I wonder over to see what other templates would look like. I see a button that says 'save layout' and in my stupor I think that probably means save my existing layout to the hard drive in case I accidentally save a layout that I'm playing with over the real one. By hitting that button, I accidentally save a stupid, ugly template over the summer layout that was up.
I have no backup of what was up, and I don't care to redo it the way it was because I don't like it, but the banner I have doesn't match the template that is up... or any others offered at my immediate disposal *falls on face*

3. After a second of panic, I realize there is no way to override this, and the only possible way is to stick up a temporary banner that I can create in haste and then go to sleep cause for pete's sake it's now 4 am.

4. I open up Publisher, start with a fresh page. I insert a clip art I have (or a photo), Make some Word Art with my favorite font, CK Journaling, and then make a text box and fill it with a color and a tagline.

5. Then, I arrange all the pieces the way I like them, hit "ctrl" and "A" at the same time to 'select all', then give a little right click of the mouse to "save as picture:"
6. I go to bed, it's now 4:15 am and I am wishing for the sweet release of death.

...And that's all there is to it. Again, nothing fancy. You can do it for sure!

If you make a new button or banner, please let me know! I'd love to see what you come up with! Also, there is another way to get a button or banner made. If you like the work that I do, send me an email, and sandwiched between lovely words of compliments and glad tidings, let me know what you would like to have. I will try to make one for you. Yes, for free. At least until the orders take over my inbox because they are just POURING in. (haha)

Next time, I think I'll show you how I made that little redhead His Girl cartoon up there, and how I made the psycho banner that I have up now- both created from scratch (not clipart)--- unless there is something else you'd rather know. Apparently, I've feeling very teach-y these days- so you may as well ask away. I'll see if I can answer it. Or, I'll put it out there for ya'll to answer. My readers are smart cookies... somebody will probably know.

Also, if you all could pray for my husband today, that would be awesome. I can't give details, but just a simple prayer for him to see God's will clearly will do nicely. Thanks!

* Disclaimers-
One: I am not an expert. There are many ways to do what I do, probably most of them easier and better. This is just one way, a way that works for me, so no sending me nasty emails about how I am a hack. I already know this, thanks.
Two: All my tips are for PC users- I can't even imagine how to do these on a Mac.


Onewen said...

Um...if ONE person calls you a 'hack' that's IT! Even this nerd is impressed and used your tip from the other day to download a new picture program that I LOVE!! So...thank you! Keep 'em comin' :o)

mwah! <3

care-in said...

So glad you shared how to get that signature permanently in your posts! Go read how I was doing it...duh!

Saving my template? What's that? That's what I was wishing I did when I deleted my other blog.

Halfmoon Girl said...

great tutorial! Thank you- I tried it out.

Alana said...

Or you could just ask your husband to do it...that's what I do. Thankfully, because reading all that was like hearing the teacher on Charlie Brown. Does not compute ;-)

Scrapper Mom said...

Slowly, but surely, I got that signature line I've been wanting. I dedicated my last post to you. Read it if you get a chance. Thank you so much.

ibdawnk said...

thanks for your laughter on my site. No kidding, while you were commenting on my site I was busy making my new signature online from the tutorial you put up!! :) Thanks! :) :)

Shauna said...

Cool! I may try this sometime. I'm completely hopeless with a computer, though, so I may send a "help me" email at some point.


Love the new look, BTW.

The Daily "B" said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets! =)

I don't have publisher so I use Powerpoint. Generally works the same way.

Sing4joy said...

You're so humble, generous, gifty and funny!

Scrapper Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. LUV comments!!

truth said...

Thank-you for sharing your tips and tricks. I've thought for a long time about adding a signature, but never sat down to figure out how to do it. Thank-you.

I added a quote on my sidebar a long time ago. My thought was to add a scripture quote every time I posted (much like you do in your signature, if possible correlating the scripture with whatever I wrote about.) But as you can see, my quote hasn't changed.

One of these days, I will venture out of my little box. You are inspiring!

PJ said...

I'm getting caught up on blog reading. Love the techie info you're giving. I NEED IT SOOOOO MUCH!!! Thanks

You sound like me at 3-4 a.m. AND how I learn techie stuff -- trial and error, mostly error!!!

Love the clean lines of your new layout. I think it's time to change mine.

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do all these "how to's"! I know it takes a lot of time so thanks. :o)

I do not think we have MS Publisher - will have to check with husband.

Sorry I missed the chance to pray for J. I think I will say a prayer now for your family.

Suzanne said...

Well I've got a long way to go to be "His Girl good", but I'm working on I've never used Publisher much, but I've been messing around with making buttons and like the one I did today a little better than the one I did the first time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Katie said...

THANK YOU for posting these "how to's!" I just stumbled upon your blog and am glad I did. I've been wondering how some of these things were done and I'll wonder no more. :)

Love your hair, BTW. Glad I stopped by! God bless!

Naomi said...

Oh, my! You are one clever little duck!!! I have read what you've written, I know there's no major jargon in your instructions, yet... ummmm... dah... I'll have to look at it when I'm feeling fresh in my brain. Better go and get a good night sleep... Am glad to have come across your blog, and look forward to being able to - hopefully - snazz mine up a bit...

Marsha said...

Yippie!!! Sing4Joy just came over to my blog and gave me this link on your blog to teach me how to make buttons! I'm going to study it and give it a try. If I have any question, may I post my questions?