Monday, July 28, 2008

post #200 updated

Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church.
Ephesians 4:15

Welcome to the virtual Truth or Dare game at HisGirl's blog in honor of my 200th post. It's my turn, and I picked truth. Here's what you asked:

Gretchen: What's a typical day in the life of His Girl? Typically, I wake up about 5:30 am– go down the stairs with a load of laundry in my arms, toss it in the machine, and curl up on the sofa with my journal, chai tea with soy, Bible, and commentary. I wake the boy at 6 am, the girls at 6:30. We pack lunches, out the door for school. Then, I blog and mess around til about 8:15– then head into work until around 2, pick up kids and then head home… I start dinner about 4, eat EARLY (usually no later than 5). Evening walk around the lake when it gets cool… then hang with the fam until I crash out at some point… usually blogging. Bo-Ring! more...what are your desert island foods? Meaning, what would I take with me to a deserted island to be my only food for eternity? Chocolate, Bacon, garlic, artichokes, yummy bread, mushrooms, veggies, pudding, cheese.

Suzanne: What's your favorite all time song? In order: Amazing Grace, Come Thou Fount, O Holy Night. I also am in love with that Love Song by Third day.
If you don't have a single song, what's your favorite all time band? Um, secular? Duran Duran, of course. Christian? Right now I’m loving Third Day. I also love Telecast (but don’t tell anyone. I pretend I think they’re overrated) OH! And I totally left out the Newsboys. DUH!

hsmomma5: What is the best book you have ever read other than the Bible? As a child, Anne of Green Gables. As an adult? Hmmmm. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I realize that sounds like a cop-out, but I really don’t know.

PJ : If you had one month for vacation (money no object) where would you go? Germany. And I'd take lots of friends and family.
What would you do?I would take pictures of castles and live in a castle and eat German food in a castle and be happy that I was in Germany.
mer@lifeat7000feet:1. What are your top five favorite movies of all-time? (if you can't come up with five, ten would be okay)

1. All the 80's bratpack movies (what? that counts as one)
2. When Harry Met Sally (not proud. It just is what it is)

3. 13 Going on 30
4. Something artistic and intelligent so you don’t judge me for the fluff above & below
5. I don’t know. I keep thinking of dumb movies. :( I’ll come back to this one

2. When are you moving to Colorado? :) The actual minute God tells me to! Being your neighbor would be FUN!

Tina: 1. When was it that you EXACTLY decided you didn't like coffee? I don’t know! I always tried it– even in college, even in my waitressing days, even though I can have free coffee from our church coffee house whenever I want, I just can’t like it. It smells so good. I don’t even like mocha ice cream. It’s sad.
2. When will you change your mind about the most delicious drink
The minute I can. Because I want you to love me. Haha.

CableMonkey:You went to the prom in 1999? Yes, I was the creepy 27 year old there who SOMETIMES MAKES TYPOS. Also, the sentence is still correct, as I was not asked to the prom in 1989 OR in 1999.
Do you like me or just put up with me because I am married to Tawnya? yes. *wink*

DidiLyn :When are you coming to visit? I think that sounds fabulous! I love Oregon! The second God sends me there to teach or to travel, you'll be my first email!

Tracy:If I were to invite you over to dinner, what would you like me to make for you? Anything from your garden. If you served me anything instant, knowing I had the chance to have some homemade goodness, I would cry and cry and cry. Also, you will need to wear an apron and teach me how to do something domestic.
Quintlox: 1) Where does the "o" come from when you abbreviate the word "number"? To indicate a particular numerical label, the abbreviation "no." is sometimes used (deriving from "numero," the ablative case of the Latin "numerus"), as is the less common "nr." The symbol # (known as the octothorpe) is commonly used to denote "number."

2) If you try to fail, and you succeed....what have you done? You have succeeded at failing. Like I have succeeded at failing to call my friends' husbands smart alecs. Whoops, now I've failed at succeeding.
MyShilohRanch: What is your earliest childhood memory? Hey Mom! I remember lots of preschool stuff, like the train we took home in the backyard- you asking if I'd like to go to Preschool in the Park, even the flyers for the preschool with the birds in the nests.
What is your all-time favorite worship song and/or hymn? See above.

Beck:1. What books would you really recommend that I read? Anything by Robin Jones Gunn. And the minute that Beck girl publishes a book, you should read her. She's AMAZING.

2. What is your very favorite hymn? see above.
3. What kind of sandwich is your favorite? I am not all that fond of sandwiches. I do enjoy pretty much anything with bacon, red onion, avocado, cheese, and meat. NO MUSTARD and NO PICKLES- and NO MAYO.

Sue:Who was your biggest high school crush? I was a boy-crazy girl. Honestly, it would be between the boy who started with T who spanned all my HS years, and the boy that started with S who was my most ridiculously big crush. I saved everything T touched, including gum wrappers, a penny he dropped, and receipts from the pizza place he worked at. VEEEERY healthy, don't you think? He didn't give me the time of day. The boy with the S took my staring, stammering, and stalking in pretty good humor, and we even became friends once I stopped offering to marry him. What? Too forward? Not my fault I was paralyzed by his charm. Besides, he was beee-yooo-ti- ful. Both crushes dissolved when I met my husband, who has been my most amazing crush- in fact, we're just a couple of weeks away from our 17th wedding anniversary. He still makes me all giddy.

Fran:If you could be famous who or what would you want to be???I think I secretly want to be a Women of Faith speaker. Or something like that.

Sheryl:If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you try? I would love to take voice lessons and learn to SING!

Suzanne: Ok, after hearing the news today...what is it like to experience an earthquake?!? Now, when they're not too crazy, they're actually sort of fun. You can guess the magnitude and call all your people and see if they felt it. Then, you turn on a tv or the radio and watch "quakewatch 2008." They're really not so bad if they're not too long, and many times you can just KNOW one's coming. Like yesterday. You can feel it hours before, because the air is all still and weird. Sometimes you hear it before you feel it. Then, if you're a native, you just ride it out, and then finish up what you were in the middle of. MUCH less scary than a tornado. eeeek!

Becky: What would your perfect day entail? Not counting the rapture, which would be the ultimate perfect day, my practically perfect day would have some travel, good food, lots of friends, praise music, and a couple of naps. *sigh*

Mama P : What movie star would you have sex with. Assuming you were married. *blush* Well, what if we just ask who I would marry? I would tell you, but then what happens when Will Smith or Ben from Felicity (not the actor, the character) or honestly, any of these gentlemen Google their own names and find out they are my plans B and C and D-Z, respectively? It might blow my chances, so I will decline to answer. No disrespect to my husband, it just makes good sense to back up your back up.
Earen:What one dream did you have that has never happened? I have always dreamed of having piles of money, and a maid that answers to the name Alice. I am still waiting for this.
mommy to four j's :How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was old and grey. 9th grade for my first peck from my boyfriend, and the BIG kind of kiss was 11th grade. Both awkward, if you must know. My first toe-curling kiss? My hubby. It was in my last few minutes of being 17 and the kiss lasted until I was 18. Don't tell my mom, okay?

God's Guitar Girl: If you couldn't work at your current job and had to be employed in a completely secular environment, where would you want to work and why? I would probably go back to preschool consulting. I find it exhilarating. Oh! Or college professor!

alrighty- your turn! you can ask a question of your own if you haven't already- and then all of you- pick a question and share your own answer!


Earen said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for answering my question. I would love to be a Woman of Faith conf. speaker too...A dream I've had that hasn't happened YET, is to tour all of Europe. I'd love to do that! Happy 200th!

Becky said...

The kiss lasted until you were 18, lol!

Loved your Truth or, um, nothing post!

PJ said...

What's it like to experience an earthquake?

I woke up in the middle of the night and said to Hubby. "I think I'm sick. I'm so dizzy the room is tilting." He responds, "The room IS tilting. This is California. It's an earthquake." So we lay there for a few minutes and listened to the glasses clink in the kitchen and this rumbling noise like thunder. Then he said, "I think that's it." We went back to sleep!!!!

Oh!! And I'd also LOVE to be a Woman of Faith (or something like it) speaker!!! Maybe we'll meet on the "circuit"!

God's Guitar Girl said...

My question TO you, sorry it's late, is this:

If you couldn't work at your current job and had to be employed in a completely secular environment, where would you want to work and why?

P.S. -- Thx for the help on the BIG SECRET over at my blog... Can't wait for the unveiling!!

Genny said...

Really fun to read! And 200 posts? Wow. Good for you!

Suzanne said...

I love this post. Oh, and the number question proves what I suspected all do know everything! I'll be getting back to you with more of the tough to answer

Alana said...

So sad I missed out on this...enjoyed reading your answers, though. Great idea!

Gotta GROW with it said...

what have i been missing here!!! too much to skip over without taking all this post in. its late and i'll be back!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Ok, I am behind as I was away. I started here and will come back later to read more. I loved this post- learned some neat stuff about you. I secretly thought that Ben guy was so cute too. I don't actually get giddy about too many actors, but I did notice him in the past. I like your quirky answers. I will get stranded on a desert island with you 'cause you will have good food and we can sing hymns together- and discuss Ben.

Jenn said...

You always make these blog milestones so fun! I was trying to figure out how I missed this post -finally I realized I was on vacation. Sad that I was not around to submit a questions but I enjoyed reading all your answers. What great questions.

Yeah - I am caught up on your blog!! Not going to promise that I will not get behind again but I will try my best not too.