Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Not Count Choculitis, Either

So, apparently, I do not have Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion (yes, a quote from The Office) nor do I have any actual infection of the dental variety. I actually got commended on my 'excellent oral hygene.' My dentist was, however, very freaked out about a poorly installed bridge in my mouth that wasn't sealed properly (by a different dentist), and THEN he proceeded to cut the FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR BRIDGE out to save me a root canal. Great. 2600 dollars please. Have a nice day, a sore mouth, and see you in two weeks so we can then yank out the temporary bridge and replace it with your new million dollar chompers. Thanks.

I was discouraged, and okay, mostly glad that they discovered that little problem before it became painful, but more than anything I was mad because that meant my low grade fever was still unexplained. Oh, and now my whole face was numb as a bonus. So, I went home and napped until I remembered to wake up and get the kids from school (and if you think I did that with no reminder call, well, you aren't following what kind of day this is yet)

TMI Warning..... (greg & dave, you can bow out now)

I then dashed off to the doctor, who gave me the courtesy of waiting an hour before coming in and asking a litany of questions (including am I faithful to my husband?) and doing some very fun tests and finally determining that I have a bladder infection. Wha-a-a-a? And although several people, including Becky, suggested that might be the problem, I hate to say I thought there was no way that was possible. You see, I have had these before, and let me just tell you there is mistaking the, um... symptoms. You don't just have one of these and not know, I said. I have firsthand experience. I know, it's le poo. (Friends reference... Rachel's family dog)

Because doctors LOVE being second guessed, he drew me this diagram:
He tells me that when your bladder is infected down there by the, ahem, exit you feel the pain.... boy howdy, you feel it. But if it's infected up there at the top, well, not so much. My tests indicated this is the most probable cause of the mystery fever and tiredness of america. He gave me a killer antibiotic, a lecture about resting and drinking fluids, and a have a good night.

I am hoping that tomorrow will bring the return of me. I want to tell you how God used scripture to chill me out in the dentist chair and all the cool analogies He's sure to give me as I enter the world of thinking without a fever. But for this minute, I think I'm going to auto-post this to greet you guys in the morning, cuddle up with my hope that tomorrow will be bettah, and hit the hay for this evening.

Thank you for all your prayers. I realize this was a small problem, but it made it seem even smaller knowing my sistahs were standing in the gap with me. Ya'all rock.

Don't forget to enter the drawing.... You have til Friday to do so!

The human spirit can endure a sick body,
but who can bear a crushed spirit?
Proverbs 18:14


Becky said...

Dr. FrumpMama scores, lol!

No, my sister has suffered with these enough that I'm quite familiar with the symptoms, and have to remind her each time to a.)drink straight unsweetened cranberry juice, b.)take uva ursi and c.)eat beets of any kind (pickled, etc.) as all these measures work in addition to the antibiotic to knock it flat (as opposed to just knocking it out for a while only to have it come back later).

LOVE the diagram, lol!

Prayin' you're no longer 'le poo' and your usual 'WOO HOO' soon. ;)

Jenster said...

I'm so glad you have a diagnosis and will be feeling better in no time!!

I can't believe I didn't remember le poo.

Fran said...

Holy cow what a day! The picture was very high glad you explained his drawing...seriously...wondered what all that way. :)

Hope today is a mucho better day.

DidiLyn said...

I NEVER EVER would have guessed that. And your doc stinks at drawing. My bullmastiff could draw better with his left paw, and he is right-pawed. :-)
Please, please feel better.
(I'll direct the last comment towards God, as well.)

Gretchen said...

Guess doctor school didn't cover "drawing schematics". I bet your bladder is cuter anyway...

Feel better, soon! xxxooogretchen

Suzanne said...

Those bladder infections can be something else! I once let one move into a kidney infection and was about as sick as I'd ever been in my life. They're definitely not something you want to mess with.

Glad you got some antibiotics and hope you feel bettah soon!

lisasmith said...

I've had these and not known until I was crazy sick, in the hospital half dead because it went to the kidneys and I didn't even think that what could be wrong with you!!!

Amber, you are such a blessing and encouragement even when you're feeling bad. I pray that today finds you thinking clearly again. So glad you're getting well!

And, I don't comment a lot but I do pray a lot!!!

Tracy said...

OH no! Too bad about the dental work! But a bladder infection can be cured. Great diagram!

Scrapper Mom said...

Here hoping your antibiotic kicks in quickly and you are back to "normal" soon!!

Although you've been fun while you were sick too!!

truth said...

Well, I hope the meds kicked in and that you are bouncing around full of energy.

Sorry to hear about your dental visit. I good dentist is a rare gem.

Sing4joy said...

A bladder infection! OCH! I never even suspected!!! What is WRONG with me? I'm totally up on female problems! Oh ~ and here I am making it all about me again. I'm thinking that you are not online because the antibiotics have started clearing up the mess already and you are making up for lost time by painting your next great masterpiece ~ although the picture of the bladder is pretty close to a masterpiece. Having antibiotics will also staunch any infection that may have cropped up from your dental work! Yay!!

mandy said...

this was so much fun to read... i'm feeling sorry for you and your drama, but it makes a great story nonetheless! :)

Earen said...

OH man...who would have thought! I'm glad they figured it out so you don't have to feel so yucky anymore. Had to laugh at the diagram. Sorry about the dental work too..I HATE the dentist..nothing personal! :-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So sorry, friend. You DO need a Colorado vacation, don't you???

PJ said...

with such busy week, I've been out of it. Dear me!!! I really despise dental pain -- and bladder stuff is also the pits. So sorry you've been under the weather. And...I just love Dr.'s explanations when they're being condescending!!!

mommy to four j's said...

I HATE THE DENTIST. You are a brave women. Hope you are feeling better soon Char

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ooh, so sorry. Having had my share of these I feel your pain. But now you have an answer.