Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tell Me Tuesday- With a Giveaway!

“Well, then,” Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”
His reply completely amazed them.

Mark 12:17

So as I have been whining telling you about since Thursday, I have this odd little low grade fever that will not go away. I have no other symptoms but extreme fatigue, which has kept me in bed doing little else than reading (reallllly slowly, which is odd for me too), chatting with friends online, and watching old British movies. Yesterday morning, I ventured downstairs in an attempt to re-enter life (to promptly give up and go back to bed after being at work only 4 hours) when I saw the EPITOME of what happens when mom is in bed too long. See it?

let me zoom in for you......This little sight caused my head to explode me to impose a new sock tax. I will be fining my children .50 cents for each sock I find around the house. I plan to take a cruise around the world with my proceeds by the end of the week. I told my kids that was only fair, since on my cruise I will have a housekeeper who will pick up my socks for me every day, and they can fund that little break for me. This little plan is keeping me from bursting into flames of rage and it's actually making me look forward to the next sock I find. CHA-CHING!

So, in an effort to get to know you a little better (the whole point of Tell me Tuesday) and because misery loves company, I'm hosting a tiny little giveaway. $5.00 gift card for a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks for the name which is randomly drawn from the comments you leave below. What I am needing you to tell me are your stories (one sentence is fine) about stuff you have found around the house that you cannot even believe. Something your kids/spouse/guests have done that rival the sock on the cross above. I can't wait to hear it! You make me crack a smile, I'll enter you in the drawing. It's that easy. Drawing will be held Friday, 8/8/08 at 8:08pm, PST.
Alright friends, tell me.....


Sing4joy said...

Used tissues! Who does that?! MY kids!!Well, not all of them actually - just the females. Apparently the boy has some couth.

Sing4joy said...

Also, I think you should raise the fee for socks that are found any higher than the floor. If you have to pick a sock off of a wall sconce AND not kill them, they have to PAY!

Sing4joy said...

OH! Also, socks found above the floor will be used to whack the offender! The lamer the excuse the more whacking with the sock!

Suzanne said...

Well I had an embarassing story about my husband, but decided not to share as he might not care for me to do that (but wow, it is hard not to share!)

So, I guess I will say that the pizza cutter I found behind my recliner this morning is the one I cannot believe. In all likelihood, no one will 'fess up to this and I will never know why it was there.

I also used to find little plastic army men in some strange high up places mainly around the livingroom. Still don't know quite how T got up there to leave them.

Gretchen said...

Me thinks S4J wants to win this giveaway. ;)

Where to start? My dog finds paper-boxes, paper towels and napkins, magazine inserts, whatever, and shreds the living daylights out of them. Part of me gets mad, and the other part says, she's just bored. I'd be bored if I had her life, too. Same food. Same bone. Same pack of wolves to hang with...

In terms of my kids: for david, it's d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y. the wet towels on the floor in his room. Grrrrr.

For Drama Girl: Well, it's not anything in particular, but rather everything. She brings things in from school or down from her room and leaves a trail behind her in every room she visits.

For Big: Pop cans left in the study. Grrr. I know...it's his "coffee", but he can recycle when he's done! Of course, I am perfekt.

Okay...my bad? Shoes. I leave my flip flops under the computer desk, and after a while, I have to search because I'm out of shoes.

*skulks in shame*. ;)

BTW, I have that same sconce!


Momala said...

Outside of socks, which I find all over the house, my boys leave toy guns out. I find them on the kitchen counter, tables, sofas, my desk, in other words, everywhere. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if my boys were little but they're not...they're 18, 14, and 9!


Tracy said...

I'm just glad that there wasn't a lit candle in that cross sconce!

Hmmm... the salt shaker. Yes. It gets carried to the living room for popcorn, and then never finds its way back to its proper spot. And books. They're everywhere.

Sheryl said...

The cover on one of the stereo speakers fell off one day. And what did we find inside....oh, about 100 popsicle sticks. Son was WAY too lazy to go to the trash so just kept sticking them in there!!

Love your sock picture and I pray you feel better soon.

My Oh My said...

I've experienced the sock situation, but they are usually on the ceiling fan of my son's room along with a pair of whitey tighties.

The other thing I find around my house is little piles of crackers or shredded paper... I think my 6 year old daughter is the offender or else the hamster is working over time... what is up with that, I mean piles (smaller then your palm) in the craziest places... maybe she's part chipmunk :)

Jenster said...

THAT'S FUNNY!!! And I can imagine how it got there. Probably similar to the story I'm going to tell you...

When my kids were little - probably 6 and 8 or so - I had them folding socks and underwear and went about my business. They got into an underwear war - you know, throwing clean underwear at each other. Apparently one of them threw a pair of my pretty, silky panties up, they hit the fan and were thrown behind the entertainment unit.

Fast forward a few weeks when we were having Bible study at our house. One couple came early and the guy helped Todd move the entertainment unit and guess what they found!


care-in said...

I know I've found some stuff in crazy places but only the norm comes to mind. Tissues, toothpicks, and floss are what I am constantly picking up. The guilty person also clips his fingernails when they are getting to long to play his guitar and I have picked a few of those up as well. I am really trying to have a better attitude about picking up after my husband...maybe charging him will make me feel better!

Oh wait...I just thought of something. When E was still in pullups I found one on top of the bookshelf. She evidently took it off and did her ritual of swinging it around. It was clean btw. Funny thing is I didn't notice it until maybe a day or two later and she never said a word that it was up there. When I did finally notice it I was sitting across the room and asked, "What's that on top of the bookshelf?" She looked and in a no big deal kind of way said, "My pull up."

truth said...

LOL, and I thought I was looking at a pancake on the table. (A coaster???)

I actually had someone cleaning my home every other week many years ago. She was a mom of 4 and I had 4 at the time. I'd watch her kids a couple of afternoons a week, and she'd come clean for me. Sweet deal.

One Sunday afternoon we were eating lunch and Laurie was cleaning. (Not her usual day, but her only free day that week.) She starts laughing and walks in the kitchen carrying something black and icky looking.

She said, "I love cleaning your house. It makes me feel so much at home." And she plunked the rotting banana skin into the trash. My dh was NOT happy, mostly because he was embarrassed.

Scrapper Mom said...

I don't drink coffee, but I have to tell off on my daughter on this one.

She is 10 and just recently started wearing "certain undergarments"..you know the ones that go "up top". It seems that everywhere I go, turns up one of these undergarments. This is the conclusion I have come to: She is totally embarassed by wearing this, that wherever she happens to be at the time she removes it from her body, she finds a hiding place. I have found her little bra's in my closet under a suitcase, wadded up in the couch cushions, and just a couple of days ago, I found one behind the drapes in the dining room.

Oh, and this has to be our "little secret". She would absolutely NEVER speak to me again!!

And....if I should win...I'm sure my son and the girlfriend would love to go to Starbucks.

Becky said...

Okay, this one is kind of, risque' and much too embarrassing to make a blog post out of...so I'm going to just toss it here in your comments with the intention of making you smile.

Okay, so recently, Judah came out of my bathroom one evening with an, um, prophylactic (you know, the old-fashioned word for rain boots? The first half of the word Condominium?) which he found in a drawer in the bathroom which he should never have been in because it was supposedly out of his reach. He wanted me to "open da canny". That was funny.

What was NOT funny was that I hid it under my bed when he wasn't looking and distracted him from all thought of it by allowing him to play Tetris on my ancient gray Gameboy (fully intending to get rid of the "candy" later) and went back to reading.

Fast forward about three weeks: I had a couple of youth group girls over to the house to help me with a packing project (for our anticipated future move) in order to earn money for church camp.

Long story short, I moved the bed, spotted the, um, "candy" left there (no thanks to Judah), and I had no choice but to just hastily push it further under the bed and hope they didn't see it.

But alas, I saw a BFF 'look' pass between them that told me it was too late, and made a hasty excuse to leave the room. Oy, did. I. ever. cringe. I still cringe and feel a wrinkly feeling on the back of my neck just thinking of it.

So NOT the kinds of thoughts you want your youth group kids to have when they see you next. I thank God we were able to take some time off for vacation for the past couple of weeks...I can only hope (and beg and plead with God) that they have forgotten all about it by the time they get back from said camp, lol.

BTW...is there any chance your low grade fever could be related to a mild UTI or Kidney infection? Since her pregnancies, my sister has a predisposition to both, and her symptoms sound remarkably similar to yours, getting one every year or so. Uva Ursi and pure, unsweetened cranberry juice from the health food store always helps her. But then, my husband had an inexplicable low grade fever and icky sickness for two weeks one summer, and it ended up being an underlying sinus infection. A couple of days treatement with a neti pot and a baking soda/sea salt solution cured him. ;)

Okay, so I've commented your ear off now. I'll leave.

Jessi said...

Hi, "His Girl", I've been lurking (uh, reading) your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. :-)

Boy, kiddos sure do know how to make a great for an interesting story....

In an effort to prepare my toddler son for "big brotherhood", I taught him how/where to throw is dirty diaper away. He just loves hearing our praises when he's done the job right. One morning a couple of months ago, I sent Josiah to the bathroom to dispose of his diaper so that I could start changing his new baby sister....Josiah returns empty handed, so, of course, I praise him for listening. However, later that afternoon, I made my way to the potty only to find the rolled up dirty diaper in the bottom of the toilet. I guess it didn't make it to the trash that day. ;-) But how could I get mad? After all, he did know where the contents of the diaper should go. :-)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Socks are also everywhere in my house. Our other big offender is - strangely enough- toothbrushes! Why anyone would feel the need to move their toothbrush from the bathroom sink area all the way downstairs and on the kitchen counter or the school room table is beyond me!

Earen said...

Ok, so that had me laughing out loud! The strangest & funniest thing that my husband did lately was to put the empty plastic container that we put our uncooked noodles in, he put it in the frig by accident....wasn't even thinking. Had me laughing!

Lisa said...

Well, since I have a 1 and 3 year old, I shake my head DAILY at the things I find, most often related to food. More specifically, Cheerios. Cheerios everywhere.

lisasmith said...

The funniest, in a sad sort of way, story about us finding things where they don't belong is about our dog.
I had just given birth to my third baby in three years. I put my oldest daughter (then 3) down for a nap so I could rest.
When I woke up she was in her bed with our dog, a cute little pomeranian named Foxy.
A few months later, our dog got sick. I took Foxy to the vet and she had a severely infected ear due to having a hair rubberband around it. Our daughter had played beauty shop with Foxy. ugh.
Lesson: Human things do not belong on dogs.
Fast forward.
I was pregnant (again) with our fourth child. I put my oldest daughter (then 5)down for a nap so I could rest.
When I got up, Foxy had hair bows all over. I removed them. A few days later when Foxy was really lethargic, I found a rubberband on her tail. ugh.
She ended up losing the tail.
And, that's what you call a beloved family pet!

hsmomma5 said...

WIthout a doubt the strangest thing I have ever found in my home was left by my oldest son who used to have a real problem complying with the "don't take food in your room" rule (and you'll see why we had that rule...). Under his bed, I found....


a spoon....with dried [petrified, maybe??] ice cream on it. EEWWWW!!!

Thank goodness, he finally got out of that phase and now happily eats in the kitchen.

PJ said...

Love the sock on the cross. Maybe she was surrendering something important to Jesus??? LOL The fines work. In winter we had a fine jar for coats and mittens. And if rooms weren't cleaned -- sheets changed, vacuumed, etc. by 2 P.M. on Saturday, I did a houskeeping charge of $10. Then I hired someone to clen the room (Usually one of their friends, since they were available). You're on the right track.

Good luck!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I'm gonna go find you a post that this one reminded me of...


btw- we have the same sconce.