Thursday, November 06, 2008

One of those days. part one.

We also pray that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy, always thanking the Father. Colossians 1:11

Note: this post was begun on 11/6/08, but I got interrupted and am just now sitting down to finish the harrowing tale of my week. This is the original post... at least what I had saved in my drafts.....
Today, I had a series of unfortunate events. I've been sitting here trying to figure out how on earth to organize my thoughts. The facts are these:
  • It was an inconvenient morning. I had some major exercise issues and other problems that kept popping up. About 6:15 am I said to my husband, "this is going to be one of those days, isn't it? and he said, "Oh, you got that right!"
  • Knowing this was the truth, I decide I'd better gird up. I went to my comfy spot & started to journal my prayers. I thanked God so much for giving me the chance to offer praise to Him even though things weren't going my way. I told Him that I would have joy today no.matter.what.
  • That would prove to be famous last wor
haha. it's now three four days later and here I am trying to finish this post. what a week it's been! continuing on.... The facts were these:
  • My vow to God that I would have joy no.matter.what proved to be famous last words. I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. I almost ignored it, seeing it was my Moomis, and I knew she'd understand, but instead decided that I should make sure she's okay.
  • The voice on the line was sobbing. "Mom?" I asked... "are you okay?" Through tears Moomis told me that she had been outside with her largest dog on a leash, when he went to rush at a dog near her fence and pulled her down... hard. She said she was unable to walk, and feared she broke or dislocated something serious. I told her I would be there right away, of course.
  • My hubby brought the twins to L's house (who graciously agreed to not just take my kids until school time, but also run my turn for our carpool) and then took the boy to Jr. High. I ran out the door....
  • When I arrived, my mom opened the door in a panic. What had happened when I was making the 5 minute drive over to her house was this:
  • right after she drug (dragged?) her broken, bruised, and battered bod into the house, her big ol' dog let out a warning howl-bark-sound. The one he reserves for strangers in the yard or big emergencies. She hobbled over to the door to see what was the matter... only to hear a faint muffled cry of a small dog.
  • for who knows what reason for sure, her Boxer dog, Sadie decided to attack her Jack Russell Terrier, Murphy in an all out fight to the death. Murphy is Moomis' favorite doggie- and has been her companion for about nine years, so you can imagine her terror when she saw Sadie's jaws around Murphy's neck.
  • Fighting through the pain, Moomis pulled Sadie's leg to get her off of Murphy. As soon as the Boxer let go, my mom yelled for Murphy to run! He didn't respond at first, and Moomis thought she was too late. But then, he got up and tore into the house.
  • Covered in Murphy's blood, Sadie got away from Moomis' grip, chasing Murphy into the house... followed by my mom, who is still in major pain from the fall just a few minutes ago... she can't catch up to the dogs.
  • Murphy manages to escape by hiding under the toilet in the bathroom. Moomis is able to check on him, sees he is injured (but can't see how badly) but safe, and goes to lock up Sadie outside in her giant outdoor kennel. About this time, I knock on the door.....
  • SO, when Moomis answers the door in a full panic, she shouts out to me, I think Murphy is real bad, we're going to have to take him to emergency! I go in to check out the poor little terrier.
  • I find Murphy under the potty, and see he is cowering but wagging his tail to see me. I take this as a good sign and beckon his little self out to check his injuries
  • I see at first only a little scrape on his head and think, "oh, he could probably use a stitch, but really, I think he can wait." His ear is flopped over his head, and he's covered in boxer drool, and he's shaken up but... but wait, what's that?
  • (okay, you've been warned) So, about this time, Murphy shakes his head and I notice that a chunk of the flesh on his neck is just hanging in a flaplike fashion, nearly completely severed from his body, about the size of my open hand. There is no blood, more like just hanging raw meat.
  • I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and called my husband. "I cannot do this" I whisper-spit* into my cell phone from a dark corner of my mother's house. "You are going to have to comeandfixthisrightnowthisminute. He agrees to help- he's on the way.
  • Meanwhile, my poor Moomis makes her way to the bathroom and Murphy runs out. I search all over, and find him in my mom's bed, completely shaking and scared to death. I use this opportunity to ask him nicely to get in his travel crate to 'go on a ride.' He complies.
  • Moomis lets me know that the animal hospital is on the way to the people hospital, and she thinks we can do both. I call my hubby and tell him cancel the order for one superman, I think we are going to be able to do this by ourselves. *sigh*
  • We're out the door, and on the way to the TWO emergency rooms, when I see the nasty old man across the street out making mean faces and pointing at my mom's house. I can't take it... I march over there and ask him if there is a problem, and then wag my pointer finger at him, telling him to behave and to be a nice neighbor. I am pretty sure I got another finger entirely in return, but I didn't look. There was no time.
  • Off we sped to the emergency rooms, where God totally had His hand on the whole thing... we got in quickly to the e-vet, where we properly freaked out the staff there, signed away our life savings a deposit, dropped off poor Murphy, and sped off to the people emergency. They got Moomis in and out in under 2 hours (a massive miracle in our area, where a typical "emergency room" visit is at least 4-6 hours before you're seen) with the diagnosis of "massive contusions (muscle bruises)" and a fistful of prescriptions for pain, etc.
  • I had been scheduled to teach a lunchtime inservice at a preschool that afternoon, so I dropped mom off at home, got her as comfy as possible, and sped for home to change (at this point I was still in yoga pants and bedhair)
  • As I arrived home, I got a very polite and begging call from my girls at school. In the hurry this morning, they forgot their flutes. Would I please bring them to them, pretty please? I decided it was doable, so I changed, threw on some makeup and jewelry, and grabbed the flutes and ran out the door again. Mind you, the time is now only about noon. Yah, I know. WHAT A DAY!!!!
  • So, after dropping off the instruments, I ran off to go teach the inservice. I arrived on time, taught the class, then left to go pick the girls up from school.
  • As I am leaving, I realize I have lost my cell phone. I search forever, then find it wedged in a dark recess of my car. great.
  • I get stuck in major traffic.
  • I arrive at the church, where L has brought the twins with her to work. I pick them up, and L's son, and head home, in time to meet L's daughter who walks to my house after Jr.High, and then my son, whose carpool drops him off. The time is now 3:30
  • I make some sort of dinner.... tacos I think... and sit down to blog the story. I get as far as what you see above... when the phone rings again....
I think this is a good stopping point for this tale. It's getting dangerously long, and I don't want any of you to nod off in the middle. I'll wrap up the story in part two... which I should have time to do soon.... hahhaa.

*term whisper-spit completely stolen from Gayle at the Westie Crew... I maintain the post that links to is one of the funniest posts I have ever read!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh dear...what a day.

You sound like you're living the life of Jack Bauer on 24, managing one crisis after another on what just might be the longest day of your life.

Can't wait to hear the rest. I hope Murphy is okay. And you should know that I once had a golden retriever named Murphy!

Growin' with it! said...

i thought i was gonna do the ugly cry at the part where the poor pooch was cowering in the bathroom (thinking he was dead). and here the whole while your poor mom was in massive pain. who to cry for first? i'll get my pile of chocolate and tissues for the continuation!

Sheryl said...

oh my! what a partially finished day. can't wait to hear the rest. (i think)


Tina said...

oh I really need to known who called.

Sing4joy said...

My heart is pounding and my breathing is rapid. I'm not sure my heart can take the continuation! And how about God applying steel to your spine? Mine would have melted, along with me right.into.the.floor!

Jenster said...

Jinkies, His Girl!! I'm so sorry for all of you involved!

How can we, as human, not complain just a teensy bit about a not-even-whole-day like that??

God's Guitar Girl said...

OH DEAR LORD!!! You simply cannot leave your readership hanging like this!!! And I was totally thinking this sounded like "24," too!

Wow. That's one heckuva day. And that mean old man should've known better.

Hope everyone is on the mend. Now hurry up and finish your story!!!

Becky said...

Oh, my! WHadda day! And not even over??!

Hope your Moomis and Murphy are on the mend, and that you've sufficiently recovered from the adrenaline rush of such a day.

You are so brave to have handled Murphy's injuries as you did...I probably would've fainted dead away.

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Dear Jesus, send Vodka. Amen.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I think I held my breath through most of this. Becoming a dog owner has almost made me sympathetic to dogs!!! What's next? Pigs flying?

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Gretchen said...

Our Murphy Dachshund is sending get well wishes...

I hope Moomis is on the mend, soon, and i hope this is the last of "those days" for quite a while...nothing like this to help us appreciate boredom...

emily said...

oh. my. I need a pill after reading that post. hanging dog flesh. wow.

ConservaChick said...

My goodness! I don't even know how to comment on your week. CRAZY! Oh, and I know how you feel about that vet bill. OUCH. Hope everyone is better soon. ~Karlie

Fran said...

Oh my word! Its all I can say. Oh my word!!!

Bless your heart.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yikes, that was some day! What more can happen in part 2?

Kellie said...

Ah! I am tired just reading this! I pray the net day got better!

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy awful day. I hope Moomis is better and Murphy is okay. I agree with Meredith - what a Jack Bauer day.

Saw your facebook post. I am sorry to hear that life is so crazy for you now. I hope you have a slow season soon. Stopping to pray for you now before I keep reading.

PJ said...

Oh my goodness. How terrible. I don't deal well with blood -- or hanging chunks of flesh. You're a better woman than I am. Yikes! I'll remember this story when I think I'm having a bad day.

GateWay said...

may I just tell you that God has given me a great affinity for your mom.... I cannot wait to meet her either here or in our real home! AND... I have 2 girls who you'd absolutely connect with!! your mom said... "give my girl a shout" if you visit her site... so here's shouting at you... and saying... I cannot wait to see what God has in store for all those who love Him and are called and being called together as His bride! btw... I could tell an almost EXACT similar story ... boxer yes, but instead of a terrier... it was a big white german sheperd... both my protectors. thanks for sharing, c