Monday, April 05, 2010

Safari Through Daniel- Week 11 Discussion Questions

He is Risen, Indeed!
I hope you each had a fantastic Easter, celebrating the Victory of our Christ over death. Praise be to Jesus and to God be the glory!

We just completed our ELEVENTH week of the Safari through Daniel- the second to the last week (to which I say, "Already!?!" and "Finally!!!" at the same time) and now it's time for all the participants to weigh in and share what they've learned during this chapter (be sure to check back and read as others add their posts!)

Here are the details:

If you are a participant, you can write your answers to one of the following questions as follows and then use the mr. linky to lead us to what you wrote:
a) on your own blog-or-

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c) in the comments section below

Come join us over at the Facebook Safari Page!  You can answer each question on the discussion page after you join the group.

If you are not a participant, you can still pipe in! You can leave your two cents in the comments section below, too!

*if you're participating... be sure to come back and check out (and comment on) at least 3 other's entries.

What is spiritual intimacy? Discuss why it is essential to the Christian life.
Tell of a time when you struggled with recognizing God‟s voice. What was your remedy?
Why do you think so many people are deceived by people claiming to be God, or claiming to speak for God? What can we do to keep ourselves from falling prey to these false prophets?

  He will flatter and win over those who have violated the covenant. But the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him.
Daniel 11:32


Gretchen said...

Once again, thank you for your insights, courage and for keeping us safely inside the jeep. Lurve you.

lisasmith said...

Post is up, sweet leader lady! Can't believe it's been 12 weeks... Time flies! Isn't that funny coming from me? xoxoxo

lisasmith said...

hey you! i loved my lion journal & it makes me miss you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo