Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great is Thy Faithfulness- BTJ week 1

I know that God is faithful.

I have seen it time and time and time again.

And yet?

Sometimes you can't tell by my behavior.

Like when I'm stressed about money and my husband says 'It's going to be fine.'
And I, ever the supportive, sweet wife spit through clenched teeth...

Or this week as my son became a driver and I am tense with fear and trembling. How will he survive when he's a solo driver? I fret in my almost-asleep hours.

Or when I read about this sweet lady, the same age as me... who's been married the same amount of time as me... who is now fighting for her life and I am ....

actually, I truly am hopeful for her and for her family.

why the difference? because I am choosing to remember the faithfulness of God...

The same God who saved this sweet lady's family, the same God who led Joshua to the promised land, the same God who saved me from childhood sexual abuse... The same God who is consoling my friend Patty as she grieves for her son as the anniversary of his death approaches...He's got her in His hand-

His faithful, loving, outstretched hand.

Oh, that I would remember this always- even during the small moments like this morning when my car that I just got the transmission rebuilt for sputtered (and threatened to die) during carpool.

Remembering His faithfulness should be easy- especially as I'm reading story after story this morning from the discussion for the Backpacking Through Joshua Study. So, instead of freaking out about my small, insignificant car troubles, I'm writing out scriptures to carry with me lest I forget... and if panic or fear threatens me, I shall say out loud:

Great is Thy Faithfulness!



Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I, too, do well with the big things. It's the daily living that's my undoing.

Alana said...

One of my favorite songs is He's Always Been Faithful by Sarah Groves. Brings me so much comfort. And it's true. So true.

cdub said...

I like that the first 3 mentions of "be strong and courageous" are from God to Joshua. Joshua must have relayed God's exact words to the Reubenites, the Gadites and Manasseh since the 4th repetition of "be strong and courageous" was from THEM to Joshua. God encouraged Joshua, Joshua encouraged his men, and they encouraged him back.

I was encouraged to remember that the same God who helped Moses (and who helped Joshua) is helping me. Why is it so hard to rest and live in his faithfulness?! He's never been untrue in my life, not once. But I apparently need to be reminded of his faithfulness all the time! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Gretchen said...

He was, is, and is to come. Thank you Jesus, for your faithful, unchanging, perfect character and plans for us. Amen.

Gretchen said...

BTW, awesome (as usual) post. God breathes such relatability and truth in and through you--what an encouragement to us all. Lurve ya.

kiddo1024 said...

Such a beautiful post - echoing all that was shared through the messages on the discussion boards, but taking us one step further and CONNECTING us through the scripture. What a gift, HisGirl. Such a blessing!

lisasmith said...

You are a treasure. Great is His faithfulness and I thank Him for letting me experience it with you.

**rubs hands together** I cannot wait until I get a chance to visit all the new chicas!!!!!!


Jen said...

excellent post. that conversation with your husband? well, it sounds strangely familiar. I, too, like a plan. :)
love you, friend.

Mining for Diamonds said...

Ok, so...I found your blog through Glad Chatter and now I have added you to my "following" list. This post really spoke to me, and I'll tell you why. I discovered the story of the sweet lady over at The Simple Wife through yet another blog, Sharing Life With Lisa, who sent out prayer alerts on her behalf. So I went over to the Simple Wife, and began to read her story, and was very touched by what her and her family are going through. As I dug a little more into her blog to get a sense of her, I discovered that, like me, she is married to someone who deals with bipolar disorder. So I KNEW it was no accident that God led me to her story. I've been praying for her all evening, and in my own heart, I kind of felt this...stirring...and what it was was just as you said...HOPE. I truly believe that God is with that family, and although I don't know the outcome, I know for a fact that God WILL be glorified. Coming to your blog and reading what you said just confirmed it. I am continually amazed at how God uses bloggy land to connect people!

Anyway, sorry to rattle on, but I can relate to much of what you shared in this post. I will be piggybacking on your journey through Joshua and reading with eagerness what you learn!

Carpool Queen said...

One of my favorite phrases in the book of Joshua is when God tells him over and over, "Be strong and courageous."

I know you're repeating that to yourself a lot these days and I'm praying it over you -

Denise said...

so true.

another testament to why we (i) should
be memorizing scripture..for these moments. these moments that creep up on us every. single. day.

God to shut these up, and count on his faithfulness.

so glad i came by today.

Suzanne said...

So true :)