Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today my son turns 17.



I am popping back over to the blog because it's just too big of an event to skip.  This last year of his official childhood has begun and I just can't even tell you what a crazy feeling it is.

I know I thought for sure that I would be sad and sorry that we have gotten to this point all of a sudden (and perhaps that will hit me later in the day, it's still early yet) but right now I am just so overwhelmed with feelings of love for this kid that I can't even be sad or sorry.  Watching him grow up into the man he's becoming is such a thrill- I enjoy him so much- parenting him (in this particular season at this particular moment) is infinitely easier and absolutely more delightful than I pictured living with a teenager would be.

On Mother's day, he said the funniest thing- "Mom... sometimes, when I look at other kids, they're so awful I think, 'I guess my mom did a pretty good job in raising us after all'"


and while I can't actually take credit for how great this kid is turning out, (anything good that has come of my bumbling through parenting is solely due to the grace of God) I can certainly appreciate it.  Today, I'm thanking God for my son who is smart, funny, helpful, reasonable, enjoyable, fun, loving, considerate, thoughtful, and all of a sudden....SEVENTEEN.

oh dear, maybe I am a little sad.


Sweet Annabelle said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your son! I have a son turning 17 next week!

How WONDERFUL (I went back and put that in all caps) to have your son give you such a nice compliment!

Anonymous said...

You can certainly take some credit for using God's wisdom to help you out! And wow, I can only imagine how bittersweet this must be. I'd be so happy for my sweet boy to be with a lovely girl like Taylor and all that, but I'd also feel a bit meloncholy inside. Because I'll know that I'm not the only woman in his life anymore! That's the way it goes, of course, but like I said, so bittersweet. Happy for all of you!

andrea frazer said...

woops, than anon was me! Sorry

Becky said...

Aww, what a sweet tribute to your boy. Crazy how fast that one crept up, huh? He sure does look handsome!